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I have been a customer of the Cat Cottage since before Danai took over the business. Over the years, 4 of my cats have been guests at the Cat Cottage. I have always been pleased with the wonderful compassionate care that my kitty's have received; being older cats, they sometimes had special needs which were always immediately addressed with professionalism and cooperation. I have always been happy that when I picked up my cats, they were happy and not stressed. I have recommended Danai and the Cat Cottage to several friends and will continue to do so. As a cat person, I know the value of a safe, compassionate and caring "home away from home".

-- Kathleen Willis

Danai has such a great way with animals. Our dog Hazel is crazy about her, so when we go away for the weekend, I know Hazel is in good hands. Danai has also been very accommodating when we make last minute plans, and she always checks that we’ve gotten back so Hazel will not be alone too long. One time when we were away, there was a storm and Danai even made an extra stop by the house to see that the pump in our basement was working! Now that the kids are older, we can get away more often knowing that we can rely on Danai.

-- Cheryl Ryan



I have had the very good fortune to have Danai Banta take care of my 2 cats while I am away on vacation or on business trips. I want to thank her for the wonderful care she has always provided, even one time driving to the Vet's office to pick up medication that was needed to control my cat's high blood pressure. I don't know what I would do without her. She is an outstanding professional in the way she copes with one of my cats, Sunshine. Sunshine, turns into the complete opposite of her name, when I have to take her out of her home environment. Danai interacts with Sunshine so calmly that after a while, Sunshine moves out of her complete melt-down state to close to being her normal self. Placing my cats in the Cat Cottage is the best thing I can do. I always have peace of mind knowing that my family, which is what I consider my cats to be part of, will be taken care of so well! Thank you Danai from the bottom of my heart.

-- Kathy Taylor




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